Smart homes

State-of-the-art Home Automation & Safety Systems have been installed to ensure that your home is accessible strictly to those permitted by you. In fact, there’s an access control system with video surveillance that keeps the Building Management System (BMS) informed about every moment in and around your surroundings.

The Video Door Answering and Intercom facility comes with multiple access controls in every room. What’s more, the system shows you who is at the door. While you are away, you get an intimation of a visitor via SMS or email. The system also stores the data (video/text) and message from the person visited. All the security systems are integrated with the BMS. The Home Automation features basic lighting control, curtain control, gas and fire detectors, sprinklers, EPABX systems and internet. Remote access for the above options is also available on the mobile phone. Another major advantage of the system is that you can access concierge services with just the click of a button from the digital control pad in your room.