The Science of Town Square

Genesis of the Square

A town square, historically is a public place where people gather for several purposes: public gatherings, rallies, entertainment, shopping, etc. Town squares usually become the hub of all action. More often than not they become tourist attractions. Dam Square in Amsterdam and Times Square in New York, to name a few, are examples of town squares. In Germany such squares are called Platz – for example Königsplatz in Munich or Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In Italy, they are called Piazzas. Does Mumbai have one? Well, Flora Fountain, Kala Ghoda can stake the claim to be our own town squares – They have all the features of typical town squares. So what are the features of a town square anyway?

What maketh a town square?

Town squares are iconic locations – usually situated in places which have some history, cultural significance and also located in the centre of town. They usually attract the best of entertainment, retail, restaurants and cafes. They also attract the best commercial spaces and iconic homes. Modern-day town squares have attempted to use the concept of mixed-use development and attempted to get commercial spaces, premium residences, retail and food and beverages (F&B) together. We have examples of mixed-use developments in Powai, BKC and Lower Parel too.

The inspiration behind Kohinoor Square:

So when there was an opportunity to develop the 5 acre land parcel opposite Sena Bhavan in Dadar, our architect Sandeep Shikre asked himself – Can Dadar give the city a town square? Being a Dadar boy, the dream seemed worth attempting. After all, Dadar is right in the centre of town. The plot is housed in the melting pot of culture, theatre and public gatherings at the Shivaji Park maidan. So why not?

The challenges in crafting a mixed-use proposition:

While it was a nice and lofty dream, the challenge was to attempt mixed-use development and create a town square on a small plot. So here’s how the plot evolved. Since Dadar is bang in the centre of town, we decided to accept the challenge. For starters a Retail and F&B hub was missing between Bandra and Lower Parel. Residents of Mahim, Matunga, Dadar and Prabhadevi had to travel far to access F&B or luxury retail. So we created 5 floors of space to house the best of F&B and retail brands. As if local catchment was not enough, we decided to add commercial spaces to it, so that the retail, F&B would have footfalls, and we also create a hub of commercial activity. Now how do we give it scale and the iconic status that a town square deserves? By creating…

…One of India’s tallest mixed-use developments in the country:

What we lacked in space on a 5 acre plot, we made up for it through vertical elevation. We created one of India’s tallest mixed-use developments. 50 storeys of premium commercial space – for small entrepreneurs and large corporates. Now we had the right buzz to get the place in the spotlight.

Luxury Residences:

So why not offer this heady mix to the who’s who in town? The residential tower abuts its commercial twin with 20 storeys of luxury residences. These residences are spacious, with large terraces and loaded with amenities including a 20,000 sq.ft. clubhouse.

Parking for 2000 cars:

And lastly to ensure that all this buzz doesn’t add to congestion in an already congested Dadar, we added 10 floors of parking for 2000 cars with 4 exit gates ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

So that’s what makes Kohinoor Square one of the tallest mixed-use development project in India. It will house all the excitement a town square deserves. And as we get ready to unveil its features one by one, we can only invite you to come and get a peek preview into what the city’s newest town square has to offer.

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