A safe haven is the ultimate indulgence

June 02, 2021 admin Uncategorized

The keenly coveted residential apartments in Dadar at Altissimo, Kohinoor Square provide an elite, holistic lifestyle, making them the first choice for those seeking a luxury residence in Mumbai.

It has been a year since our lives were suddenly and irrevocably transformed by COVID-19. One of the key takeaways from learning to live with the Coronavirus over such an extended period has been a better understanding and deeper appreciation of what really matters. The pandemic has in many ways opened our eyes to the true meaning of terms like 'safety is the real luxury' and 'new normal'.

While many project promotions mention them as a punch line without being aware of what they actually entail, discerning seekers of premium residential flats have gradually realised that there's much more to these concepts than what meets the eye. Safety has been unanimously acknowledged as the new luxury in the 'new normal' and its parameters have also been redefined to a considerable extent.

After contemplating alternatives and making a few tentative attempts at shifting to second homes that are far away from the city, it became clear that they were weekend getaways at best. Those at the upper echelons of the business community and corporate corridors would require premium residential flats at prime locations and separate space allowing work from home.

Given its stature as India's commercial and financial capital, a luxury residence in Mumbai is considered ideal. And for those who grasp the importance of real estate destinations in the Mecca of dreams and want to stay in its very core, the only thing that fits the bill are limited edition residential apartments at Dadar, the heart of the city, well-connected to all parts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

When you mull over these specifications, the obvious choice then is Altissimo, the residential tower at the Kohinoor Square mixed-use development. An ideal project that not only meets all the essential parameters, but in fact, exceeds them many times over, it offers a complete lifestyle with the most-critical advantage of limited residences with ample car parking for self and guests.

Most activities have shifted to virtual mode and it remains a preferred option even today, making thoughtfully planned homes indispensable. From office meetings to matchmaking, strategy sessions to even blessing the couple at engagement and wedding ceremonies; most aspects of our professional and personal worlds have converged and discovered a way to keep things going online, from the safety of our homes.

In this day and age, those who have spacious apartments that facilitate the WFH concept with zones within that can be earmarked for home offices are the most privileged. Possessing such residences, that too in a landmark structure with a restricted number of units takes lavish living to another level altogether.

An array of configurations is available to suit every family's requirements and the number of members that need to be accommodated; ranging from 2.5 BHK (starting from 1390 sq. ft. RERA carpet) to 3 BHK (spanning 1260 sq. ft. to 1735 sq. ft. RERA carpet) and 3.5 BHK (with options from 1800 sq. ft. to 2050 sq. ft. RERA carpet).

Breathtaking views of the skyline through well-designed windows that provide maximum daylight and ensure ventilated homes with abundant fresh air exemplify 'living the good life.' The VRV air conditioning system keeps each of these select, opulent residences cool while enabling residents to bask in the abundance of natural sunlight. These prominent factors, coupled with the secure feeling of having your own slice of high-profile real estate at a prestigious location, presents a value-proposition that just cannot be matched anywhere else.

Owning a home at Altissimo is a sign of having 'guaranteed the family security' and experiencing a carefully crafted oasis of tranquillity and serenity, set well above, yet amidst the hustle-bustle of the city that never sleeps with quick and easy linkages to suburban areas also. There's instant access to smart offices, luxury retail and premium fine dining outlets within the complex itself.

These, along with the clubhouse at Level 14 of the residential tower, means you can safely manage all the significant aspects, such as work, shopping, leisure, fitness and entertainment in a secure environment without ever having to step out of the project premises.

Living in such secure, protected spaces designed for privacy and minimal interaction with the outside world, controlled as per your wishes, is a rare treat that effectively translates into peace of mind, a priceless commodity in today's world.